Kristin Announces Places! The Kristin Chenoweth Experience
June 17, 2019 by User 0 Comments

Kristin Announces Places! The Kristin Chenoweth Experience

"Student performers will have the opportunity join Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth on stage as part of her upcoming tour, which kicks off July 14 at The Hollywood Bowl.

Places! The Kristin Chenoweth Experience is an educational initiative that selects students from conservatories, universities, and colleges. Students will have the opportunity for a private coaching with Chenoweth prior to the rehearsal and live performance.

“My whole goal in working with these students from all walks of life is to help them facilitate their dreams, instill confidence, provide experience, show them the value of hard work, encourage them to lift each other up, and learn how to deal with the negatives and failure of our business,” Chenoweth said. “Mostly though, I want to help them have a good time through music.”" - Read More in Playbill HERE

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